Discount Reclaimed Woods, LLC

We are located in the heart of Amish country in South West Wisconsin. We carefully select each relclaimed board. The beauty and purity of the reclaimed wood can not be duplicated. We offer the best of the best, for the best prices.

We do not sell to reclaimed lumber Brokers. We will get you an unbeatable price, and we stand behind every sale.  

     Antique wood is unrivaled in terms of the beauty of its patina. This is due to the natural aging process. As the wood dries and ages, the oxidation occurring on the surface creates the patina which is difficult to artificially recreate on new lumber.

     Reclaimed wood takes on a distinct patina, much like tarnish on metals.

     If exposed to the elements like exterior barn siding, the patina will be a shade of gray with the original colors just below the surface. 

     The history of the building in which the reclaimed wood was located can also contribute to its appearance. Reclaimed wood flooring from a warehouse will retain the original scrapes and scratches even after sanding. Reclaimed hand hewn barn beams carry the marks from the adz ax which was use to size the beam originally. 

      The reclaimed barn wood products including reclaimed barn beams and reclaimed barn siding, come with their own inherent character and usually only require a light sanding to enhance the appearance. 

     Reclaimed barn wood, salvaged lumber, recycled beams, and vintage timber generally contain varying degrees of wood character marks which result from previous joinery.

     These include bolt holes, nail holes, mortises, notches, and the seasoning checks which appear as the material air dries over the years. Our recycled lumber, timber, beam, mantel, and other reclaimed wood products are available “as is” with all the original character or can be re-manufactured with a sawn, hand hewn, sanded, or surfaced appearance to your specifications, including products milled free of character marks.

     Reclaimed wood products are available in a variety of species, sizes, and surface appearances. We take great pride in all of our reclaimed wood products and we will tailor the order to your application.